THERE ARE FOUR STEPS OF SUCCESS (and you can't do without any of them)

This is where it all starts. In order to live a balanced life and then to achieve your goals, you need a strong foundation and constant practice.

It's like a four-step dance. Managing the mental-emotional state. Proper goal setting. Removing limiting beliefs that demotivate. Listening to, and following intuition.


Which of these things were you taught in school?

Well, there was no such school then. Today there is. It is called the Subconscious Change Club.

But let me tell you about the four steps first, because I know that's what you stopped to read these lines for.

Step number 1. 

Manage stress. Respond to stress instead of panicking. When you respond to stress with skill, you respond skillfully.

No one can create happily in a stressed state. No one can avoid stress. But some people are equipped to return to balance quickly. Others carry it for years. Chronic stress makes sick. It saps every dream. How is it for you?

Step number 2.

When you think, think ONLY about what you want more of in your life. When you dream, paint the details, the specific details of what you most enjoy in what you want to get as a life experience. Many people focus on the details of exactly HOW they will achieve their dream and inadvertently fill themselves with thoughts of the impossible. DON'T be one of them. You don't need to know how, you'll figure it out gradually. But you need faith that even if you don't know how, you will succeed.

Step number 3

What do your loved ones say about what you want to achieve? Surround yourself with people who believe strongly in you. Beware of limiting beliefs. They are dream killers. Take inventory and find where you are stopping yourself. Do you have the identity of one who can have what you want? How much do you believe in yourself, from one to one hundred percent? You need a hundred, I'm guessing.

Step number 4

Are you able to distinguish the voice of intuition from the chorus of voices in your head? And how do you activate it? There is an unlimited potential of resource ideas and information within you with a solution to every problem. All you need is the skill to connect with that part of the mind, that is, intuition. Many people sense what needs to be done, where they need to go, who they need to contact to find a solution to a problem, but then they get discouraged and procrastinate and go into ruminations. That is, they self-sabotage. 

The secret is one> For the success you chase, you need training. Tune your mind and your brain. Focus. On your inner state. 

Your mind has incredible power. Take the power on your side. Learn how.

Welcome to our open school of the mind.

The next date is the 5th of July 2022.

In an open group Zoom session you will discover:

-how limiting beliefs are discovered

-how to remove

-how you don't even feel like you have them

-how they stop you on the way to the goal 

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That's from me for now. See you later.



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