Health Booster for 2022.

This year we have a 5 star in the center, which is double negative and responsible for the appearance of serious health problems.

This means that in 2022 we avoid sleeping, studying, staying longer in the downtown area. Also we should not have anything red, like decorations, paintings, carpets, bedspreads, etc.

What can we do to avoid this negative influence and to be healthier, more alert and vital throughout the year?

We remove everything red, move the bedroom or sleep in another room, do not study and work there. We put amplifiers for health.

We use minerals and objects that with their energy and vibration suppress star 5 and therefore the likelihood of getting sick.

What do we do?

We need to find metal objects, bronze is the most suitable because its vibration is closest to the human body, but others can also be used, such as silver, gold, copper. We also use Chinese coins - 6 pieces (other coins can be used), tied or placed in a metal saucer. Also black obsidian in the form of a ball, pyramid, pebbles or rough piece.

Obsidian is the strongest and for this it is best suited for the purpose, but if you do not find, put the coins or metal objects. You can put everything or just one amp.

Obsidian should be black, not snowflake. Snowflake doesn't work. If you find pebbles, then put 6 pieces. If the obsidian is larger, you only take 1 piece - a ball, pyramid or short.

If you have Onyx or Shungite, they can also be used for this purpose, but Obsidian we have tested it and it absorbs the most negative energy.

Where should we put them?

In the center of our house, apartment, office, warehouse, finding a way to not push them around and move them throughout the year. For this purpose we can adapt a small shelf, some table, stool or on a cabinet. However, they should not be on the ground or enclosed in a closet or dresser.

How are the Amplifiers prepared?

Before we put them we need to clean them energetically (I attach a file in comments)

We think, write down on paper what we want and call them for health.

Then we put the amp in on a favorable day for us.

Which are the auspicious days?

Here I give you 2 dates to use:

A very auspicious day for all is 18.07 before 10am local time, no matter which city you are in. Cannot be used by those born in the year of Tiger and Monkey.

A very auspicious day for all is 21.07 before 10am local time, no matter which city you are in. For those born in the year of the Tiger and the Monkey.

If you want to learn how to calculate auspicious days for yourself, then feel free to sign up for the Mini Course on Amps and Auspicious Days.

If you would like to find out what the other 8 Amplifiers are and use them in your home or office, then feel free to sign up for the Amplifier Mini Course and the auspicious days. Email me here on my personal profile to get the course.

For more information and questions, email me privately on my profile here at Coaching Real. 

Be healthy and blessed!


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