21 Instructions for Life - Personal Notebook of Peter Dunov

21 Instructions for Life - Personal Notebook of Peter Dunov
1. Never go beyond the limits of what is possible.
2. Don't ask for yourself and for others what you don't know whether it will be useful or harmful to them.
3. Don't insist on what you were once denied. Where thou knowest, thy good may lie in it.
4. Never and nowhere persist against the truth.
5. Never and nowhere hesitate in virtue.
6. From a double-faced man beware.
7. Stand aside from being stubborn, stubborn, proud and conceited.
8. Your first impression, the first advice of your Guardian Angel keep. What he says to you about others, keep it as a true measure.
9. From your first voice of conscience, be not divided.
10. Don't force your soul into what is at first contrary to it.
11. Do not work against your own spirit nature, for you will suffer.
12. Do not labor to make the wolf a sheep, for it is beyond the limits of your ability.
13. Do not put the sheep in the wolf's mouth.
14. Do not change your convictions about the good view of things, for therein lies the poison of mines.
15. When someone talks to you about love, ask him what he wants, whether your coat or your soul? If he justifies himself, remember that he will take both. Make it a rule of your life that whoever tries to justify himself is guilty. For the upright in heart needs no such defense.
16. Anyone who fawns over you, know that he wants to undermine you.
17. Anyone who shows himself to you to be more than what you see, know that he wants to possess you. And anyone who shows himself to be more than you, that he thinks to rule over you.
18. Do not give advice to a conquered man. Do not show favor to a cunning man, and do not say a word to an evil one.
19. Know that the qualities of things always remain as they are.
20. You cannot turn evil into good, but you can replace it. Therefore, in fighting it, do not think that you will destroy it, because it is impossible.
21. If you want to be free, stay in virtue. It shall be thy shield indestructible! In her strongholds thou shalt always be protected! Remember now what I tell thee, and thou shalt be blessed!
The entire recording of Peter Dunov's personal notebook is available here: http://ow.ly/tBN050Jhp1x
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Audio book of the Personal Notebook of Peter Dunov.

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