Stanislava Pavlova

My name is Stanislava Pavlova and I am the founder and executive director of Coaching Real - Broadcast and Podcast your passion. My journey as a business consultant began four years ago. I am the first Ikigai Coach, the Japanese concept of long life and a member of the Ikigai tribe. For me, Coaching Real is the Oasis - the place that contributes to the good of at least one person every day.

I worked in the corporate world for more than 9 years. I had a busy lifestyle, I was constantly communicating with different people, but mostly on the phone. You know, this is almost the reality of being an active sales manager at an airline. We had clients from all over the world. Always work to please someone else. My life was moving fast and I was constantly busy with my work, bits of my personal life, vocational training, so many other things to keep me active. Still, something was missing. I could feel it, but I couldn't tell. I just knew I wasn't happy, there was no sense of satisfaction

The day I was involved in a car accident opened my eyes. It was shocking enough to make me see life from a different angle. It was as if someone had hit me very hard so that I could wake up from my deep sleep.

This is also the period when I came across a really powerful book and its author, who inspires me to this day "The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari" - Robin Sharma. I later read all his books and none of them disappointed me. Another book that had a very positive impact on me was The Untitled Leader. It was actually the literature that took me through my journey of change. So I decided to come to London and study Life Coaching 5 years ago. This was the real beginning of my journey from the corporate world to my personal development and growth. I went through various steps and stages from acceptance to spiritual growth, selfishness and deep gratitude for everything I have and to the people who stand next to me. It wasn't always easy. In fact, just the opposite. I have never given up despite the many obstacles in my path. I knew what I was striving for, and that sustained me. And I'm not talking about financial independence here. Yes, it is very important, but the real satisfaction comes when you see the results achieved by the people you have worked with.

My greatest achievement is when I see the results achieved by the people I have worked with. I am always happy when they succeed, because if they are successful, it makes me successful. That is why I am doing what I am doing today.


We are creating a new form of Education, a free space for you to meet yourself- seekers. Where to connect with your own peace of mind and hear your voice. Where you can reach self-knowledge without being judged by someone! Only guided and supported in the realm of your life!


The creation of Coaching Real is the result of a romantic and high need to inspire people to achieve their dreams by stepping out of their comfort zone and embracing their true calling in this life.

Together we inspire, unite, protect, and sustain our own! Our greatest goal is to leave in inheritance for mankind , for people all over the world, where they can find their spiritual wharf, belonging, and covenant of the Unification!


Belonging to a society where you can be real, where you can unleash all your potential and mastery, you have even greater opportunities to reach your dreams and goals.

Value nowadays is a very abstract concept. Value of personality, in behavior, in the message, in the service is one of the most costly.

Leadership and courage to lead the seekers, to stand up for the weak, to inspire the losers, to achieve and to win.

Integrity, honesty, openness and high moral principles base every honorable service to an idea, a cause, a service.

Responsibility to the role of Leader to light and Supreme knowledge; people's trust.

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