Life is a stage!

We are walking on the path called life! Some of us are excellent actors, others not so much. 

The important thing is when you go on stage, how will you get through it?!

Coaching Real is an experience in which we rediscover ourselves.We unleash our potential even more, we unleash our mission for which we came to this earth. 

For me, Coaching Real is about seeing my gaps, challenging myself, getting out of my everyday life, and truly loving! To leave space for an awakened society with values, for our conscious heirs.

I embark on a process of monitoring, reaching out to people by looking at them from the top down, bringing their potential to the surface.

So that I don't leave you wondering what it means to look at a person from the top down, I will reveal to you that there are two kinds of people in the world, one is the one who sees the areas where you can "fly" with ease and make your every dream come true, and the other is the one who makes the decisions.

Everyone carries within them the Unique Formula with which they came here to roam with full 

force on the stage of Life.

Open the Universal Doors with Coaching Real.

Unlock your potential.

Purple Love

Stanislava Pavlova

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