In a world of digitality, materiality and frantic commercialism, the soul feels lonelier and lonelier, more and more abandoned and more and more misunderstood. We create a refuge, a free space for souls, where you can meet like-minded seekers. Where to connect with your own peace of mind and hear your voice. Where to reach the holy self-knowledge without being judged by anyone! And only guided and supported!

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Stanislava Pavlova

My name is Stanislava Pavlova and I am the founder and executive director of Coaching Real - Broadcast and Podcast your passion. My journey as a business consultant began four years ago. I am the first Ikigai Coach, the Japanese concept of long life and a member of the Ikigai tribe. For me, Coaching Real is the Oasis - the place that contributes to the good of at least one person every day.

I worked in the corporate world for over 9 years. I had a busy lifestyle, constantly communicating with different people, but mainly on the phone. You know, it's almost the reality of an active sales manager in the airline industry. We had customers from all over the world. I was always working to please somebody else. My life was moving fast and I was constantly busy with my work, bits and pieces of my personal life, professional training, so many other things to keep me active. Yet something was missing. I could feel it, but I couldn't put my finger on it. I just knew I wasn't happy, there was no sense of satisfaction...


Live events

  1. Менталната БАНКА – Красивмира Кондова – 10/11 Февруари 2024г.
  2. Ритрийт – 31 Май – 1 Юни 2024г.- КПП 
  3. Очаквай скоро!Ritual Българи – Фестивал за българщината и нашите обреди. За 4та година и за първи път в България. Нека още българи се завърнат по нашите земи…ние го направихме. 2024г.
  4. Очаквай скоро!Ритрийт – Предизвикай себе си – Катамарани. 2024г.

Paid courses

*Отключи своя потенциал – IKIGAI – Станислава Павлова

*Who am I? - Worthy and Sufficient!

Krasimira Kondova - Mira


Free courses

*How to TedX? - Biliyana Georgieva


*Работни листа на IKIGAI

*IKIGAI план 2024г.

Business diploma

CPD accreditation - International accreditation

8 modules

Продължителност 12 седмици

– Диплома – Бизнес Консултант


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